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Publications 28 février 2010

1.     Publications

In press

  • Mazzega P., and D. Le Quéau (2013) Water Management & Development: The Bottlenecks of Coordination. in FIOCRUZ: Rio+20, Clarice Melamed ed., in press.
  • MAELIA Project « Multi-Agents for EnvironmentaL norms Impact Assessment » A 2-page Summary  and a 2-page Prospective


  • Mazzega P., Sibertin-Blanc Ch., Therond O., Amblard F., Arcangeli J.-P., Balestrat M., Charron-Moirez M.-H., Condamines A., Fèvre-Pernet Ch., Gaudou B., Gondet E., Yi Hong, Louail Th., March H., Mayor E., Nguyen V. B., Panzoli D., Sauvage S., Sanchez-Perez J.-M., Taillandier P. and M. Vavasseur (2013) Impact Assessment Modeling of Low-Water Management Policy. XXXIII Congr. Brazilian Computer Society, WCAMA 2013 Computation Applied to Environment and Natural Resources, 1014-1024. http://www.ic.ufal.br/csbc2013/noticias/anais
  • Mangiarotti S., Martinez J.-M., Bonnet M.-P., Buarque D. C., Filizola N. and P. Mazzega (2013) Discharge and suspended sediment flux estimated along the mainstream of the Amazon and the Madeira Rivers (from in situ and MODIS Satellite Data). International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 21, 341–355 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jag.2012.07.015
  • Mangiarotti S.,  Sekhar M., Berthon L., Javeed Y. and P.  Mazzega (2012) Causality Analysis of Groundwater dynamics based on a Vector Autoregressive model in the semi-arid basin of Gundal (South India). Journal of Applied Geophysics 83, 1–10. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jappgeo.2012.04.003
  • Mangiarotti S., Mazzega P., Mougin E. and P. Hiernaux (2012) Predictability of the Vegetation Cycles over the semi-arid region of Gourma (Mali) from forecasts of the AVHRR-NDVI signal. Remote Sensing of Environment, 123, 246-257.  http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2012.03.011
  • Mazzega P., Boulet R. and Th. Libourel (2012) Graphs for ontology, law and policy. In New Frontiers in Graph Theory, Yagang Zhang (ed.), InTech Publ., ISBN 978-953-51-0115-4, Chap. 25, 493-514. http://www.intechopen.com/articles/show/title/graphs-for-ontology-law-and-policy
  • Bourcier D., Boulet R. et P.  Mazzega P.  (2012) La gouvernance des systèmes complexes – Réflexions et recherches sur les politiques publiques aujourd’hui. Introduction à Politiques Publiques Systèmes Complexes. Bourcier, Boulet & Mazzega (eds.), Hermann, Paris, ISBN : 978-27056-8274-3,  09-17.
  • Boulet R., Mazzega P. et D. Bourcier (2012) Réseaux normatifs relatifs à l’environnement : structures et changements d’échelles. In Politiques Publiques Systèmes Complexes. Bourcier, Boulet & Mazzega (eds.), Hermann, Paris, ISBN : 978-27056-8274-3,  107-130.
  • Mazzega P., Boulet R. et M. Fernandez-Barrera (2012) Méthodologie d’Analyse Réticulaire d’une Politique Publique : le SDAGE Adour-Garonne 2010-2015. In Politiques Publiques Systèmes Complexes. Bourcier, Boulet & Mazzega (eds.), Hermann, ISBN : 978-27056-8274-3, 195-216.
  • Boulet R., Mazzega P. and D. Bourcier (2011) A Network Approach to the French System of Legal codes- Part I: Analysis of a Dense Network. Artificial Intelligence & Law, vol.19 (4), 333-355.
  • Sibertin-Blanc Ch., Therond O., Monteil C. and P. Mazzega (2011) Formal modeling of social-ecological systems. Proc. of the 7th European Social Simulation Association Conference, 19-23 september, Montpellier, in press.
  • Sekhar M., Javeed Y., Bandyopadhyay S. , Mangiarotti S. and P. Mazzega (2011) Groundwater management practices and emerging challenges: lessons from a case study in the Karnataka State of South India. In Groundwater Management Practices, A. N. Findikakis & K. Sato (eds.), CRC Press, IAHR Monographs.
  • Mazzega P., Bourcier D., Bourgine P., Nadah N. and R. Boulet (2011) A complex-system approach: legal knowledge, ontology, information and networks. In Approaches to Legal Ontologies: Theories, Domains, Methodologies, G. Sartor, P. Casanovas, M. A. Biasiotti & M. Fernández Barrera eds., Springer, 117-132.
  • Boulet R., Mazzega P., Bourcier D. (2010) Network Analysis of the French Environmental Code, in P. Casanovas et al. (Eds.): AICOL Workshops 2009, LNAI 6237, Springer, Heidelberg, pp. 39-53.
  • Bourcier D., Mazzega P. et R. Boulet (2010) Visualiser la complexité du droit. In Les Technologies de l’Information au Service des Droits : Opportunités, Défis, Limites. Cahiers du Centre de recherches informatique et droit  – N° 32, D. Le Métayer (coord.), Bruylant, Bruxelles, 269-293.
  • Mangiarotti S., Mazzega P., Hiernaux P. and E. Mougin (2010) The vegetation cycle in west Africa from AVHRR NDVI data : horizons of predictability versus spatial scales. Remote Sensing of Env., 114, 2036-2047. 
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  • Mazzega P. (2009) Simuler une Approche Normative pour la Prévention ou la Remédiation de Conflits d’Usage des Ressources en Eaux ?, Proc. of the Symp. on Courts and Mediation: News Paths for Justice, 18-19 June 2009, Barcelona (invited paper), under licence Creative Commons (ISBN 978-84-935891-6-7), 253-258.
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  • Mangiarotti S., Mazzega P., Jarlan L., Mougin E., Baup F. & J. Demarty (2008) Evolutionary Bi-objective Optimization of a Semi-Arid Vegetation Dynamics Model with and Satellite Data, Remote Sensing of Environment, 112, 1365-1380.
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2.     Other publications

  • Nguyen V.B., Panzoli D., Laques A.E., Thérond O. and P. Mazzega (2012) Integration of land cover & land use multi-scale information layers in a model of low-water management. Proc. Int. Conf. SELPER 2012, 19-23 nov., Cayenne, France, 8 pp.
  • Mangiarotti S., Mazzega P., Dardel C., Mougin E. and L. Kergoat (2012) Predictability of vegetation cycles at four study sites in a semi-arid region (Gourma, Mali). Proc. Int. Conf. SELPER 2012, 19-23 nov., Cayenne, France, 8 pp.
  • Mazzega P., Sibertin-Blanc Ch. & O. Thérond (2012) Knowledge Blending for the « Environment, Stakeholders & Norms » Nexus. Proc. Toulouse Space Show ’12 – International Week on Space Application, June 25-28, 2012 Toulouse – France.
  • Sekhar M., Javeed Y., Bandhyophyay S. and Mazzega P. (2009) Analysis of ground water dynamics due to climate variability and land use effects: a case study in the Kabini river basin of South India, Proc. Workshop of the Central Ground Water Board (Government of India) « Ground water scenario, water quality & enhancement of water use efficiency in Karnataka and Goa« , Conference Hall, Bhujal Bhawan, Bangalore (India, 25-26 Feb.), 58-64.
  • Sekhar M., Javeed Y., Soumya B. S., Bandyopadhyay S. and P. Mazzega (2009) Time series and water balance models to assess the climatic variability and land use effects in Kabini river basin, South India. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Supplement, Vol. 73, A1192.
  • Mazzega P., Cournil Ch., Amigues J.-P. (2006) « A first step toward a model coupling the climate and resources variability with socio-economical dynamics and legal norms », Proc. 1st Intern. AMMA Meeting (28 nov.- 2 dec. 2005), Dakar.
  • Cournil Ch. & P. Mazzega (2006) Preventing and remedying socio-environmental crisis in Gourma (Mali/Sahel) : from spaceborn remote sensing to juridical instruments, Proc. 1st Intern. AMMA Meeting (28 nov.- 2 dec. 2005), Dakar.
  • Mangiarotti S., Mazzega P., Mougin E., Jarlan L., Hiernaux P. (2006) Predictability of the Annual Vegetation Cycles over Sahel from AVHRR-NDVI data: a preliminary nonlinear space-time analysis, Proc. 1st Intern. AMMA Meeting (28 nov.- 2 dec. 2005), Dakar.
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3.     Reports

  • Mazzega P. (2002) Petites enquêtes sur une relation difficiles : modèles <-> données. Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches, Univ. P. Sabatier, 130 pp.
  • Mazzega P. (1985) Apport de la mesure altimétrique de SEASAT à la connaissance des océans, Stage Europ. d’Inf. sur les Sci. et Tech. Spatiales, Univ. Compiègne, CNES / GRGS, 46 pp.
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  • Mazzega P. (1980) Projet d’étude de la ride des 90°Est (Océan Indien) par l’utilisation des données altimétriques et sismologiques, Mémoire de Maîtrise, Univ. L. Pasteur, Inst. Phys. Globe, Strasbourg, 20 pp. [direction: A. Souriau].

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